KarmaCircles is a micro mentoring and social learning platform.

Join relevant groups *

In a community with thousands of members, one tends to lose a sense of belonging. To retain that kinship with your community. KarmaCircles enables you to form smaller groups where each member finds relevance.

* Available in the Enterprise version.

Ask queries, or offer your help to others

Instead of posting in a group with thousands of members where your post drowns amongst others, choose the right groups to post in.

Post investment opportunities in a startup grown, and reunion events in the chase of '97.

Make specific searches

Search for professionals in your community by name, company name, skills, location, keywords like 'startup'

Schedule Meetings to help at your own terms

Meetings with human voices cannot be replaced by texting or emailing back and forth Our proprietary AI-based algorithm allows scheduling meetings seamlessly.

Thank those who help, build an online reputation

Send public thank you notes to those who take the time to help out. When you help someone build a credible online reputation, they are more likely to help.

The future belongs to apps and notifications

Websites, as we know them, are losing usability. Mobile apps are overtaking websites and notifications trump emails each time.
Get your own white-labelled iOS and Android app.*

*Available in the Enterprise version.

Measure effectiveness through analytics *

Receive analytical reports that focus on outcome(such as meetings completed, queries where people offered help etc), not just engagement.

*Available in the Enterprise version

Consistent, unconditional micro-giving can change your life.

Watch our Founder and CEO's TEDx talk, 'Unleash Your Superpower'

Who uses us?

Large Facebook and
Linkedin groups
Alumni Groups
Accelerators and co-working spaces
Professional & Non-profit Associations

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